Urban Media

To create a scalable media company focused on filming urban skiing and snowboarding in Michigan.

What's the big idea?

To create a scalable media company focused on filming urban skiing and snowboarding in Michigan.  This has been done in the past through Mitten Media. We plan to partner with Mitten Media on this project to take it to the next level.

Describe the nearest player in your field.

The nearest player in our field is Mitten Media, which has created compelling Michigan based ski media in the past.

How are you different from that player?

We are joining forces with Mitten Media to form this new company in order to put out the best urban ski/snowboard media that the Midwest has seen.

How's the world different with your idea in it?

The world will be different because we will be getting global exposure for local riders. Also, this will allow us to share all of the great urban spots throughout Michigan with skiers and snowboarders worldwide.

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

We have distribution in place that will allow us to distribute video on cable and satellite tv video on demand, reaching 40+ million homes in North America.  Our established distribution network will allow us to secure high level sponsors and generate profit immediately upon launch.

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  1. James Barber

    SUPORT SKIING AND BOARDING IN THE MITTEN… Niceness. Hope it goes through.

  2. James Barber

    SUPORT SKIING AND BOARDING IN THE MITTEN… Niceness. Hope it goes through.

  3. Judd VanMelle

    This would be by far the sickest urban edit of all time…need your help!

  4. Mike King

    Help support us to hit really big and scary rails on skis!!!

  5. Evan Boonenberg


  6. Ryan Haworth

    Would be sick!

  7. Bobby Jahrig

    These dudes are legit, help them out and im sure your minds will be blown.

  8. Bill Wanrooy


    Let’s make this happen, appreciate everyone’s support!

  9. Stefan Erickson

    This is so sick!!! lets get it done!!!

  10. Stefan Erickson

    This is so sick!!! lets make sure this happens!!!!!

  11. Bryan Depauw

    please help us get some good shots of excellent skiers and boarders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Danylle Hammett

    help out the Michigan urban game!

  13. Mark Borys

    Make it so.

  14. Teodor Day


  15. Regan Teat

    Looking good guys!

  16. Mike Kvackay

    keep posting and sharing! thanks!

  17. Gavin Smith

    Praying for the best to see an amazing outcome.

  18. Jacob Roscoe

    So sick! Can’t wait to see it happen!

  19. Nicholas Thoman

    The world needs these rails to be hit!!!

  20. Ennis Johnson

    Sounds dope.

  21. Asa Wren

    Yo this is coolflash8 on NS, Asa W IRL

  22. Mike Jones

    doooo ittt!

  23. Steve Pitsch

    Sounds like a great way to promote local talent.

  24. Morgan Anthony Seely


  25. Camden Varley-Harris

    this idea sounds pretty sick, hopefully you guys are wicked successful with it.

  26. RJ Routzahn

    Great idea to point out what great skiing and snowboarding we have right here in Michigan!

  27. John Dorris

    SICK IDEA! good luck!

  28. Andy Rusnac

    this is sick… endorsed

  29. Jordan Weinstock

    this is sick. endorsed

  30. Johannes Haug Steinholt

    Love the idea! Endorsed!

  31. Joe Walton

    This would be so sick!  endorsed

  32. John Stewart

    Endorsed! Sick idea no doubt

  33. Cort Edward Musolf

    Great idea!  Totally endorse it

  34. Connor McCarron

    That’s sick what a great idea! Good luck

  35. Vince Bugni

    Hopefully everything work out for you guys, I’m looking forward to it!

  36. Kyle Spaulding

    Cool Beans! This is a cool idea

  37. Andrew Brown

    Hope it all works out! I endorsed this

  38. Vince Prudhomme

    endorsed fa sho!

  39. Jonni Laine

    Endorsed! Nice idea!

  40. Dayton Dimond

    this needs to happen. there are gobs of undiscovered talent

  41. Conor Faurot-Pigeon

    sounds like a good idea. conor faurot-pigeon

  42. Ryan Topken

    Sounds sick

  43. Jesse Hazam

    would be so sick to get this going!

  44. Steffi Klosterman

    Props from Boston

  45. Robby Gaworski

    Go and get it!

  46. Collin Rehm

    Endorsed, i hope i will get to witness this.

  47. Eric Stohler

    Cool beans

  48. Carl Ehmann

    let this happen!

  49. Patrick J Garrett

    Great team of guys - looking forward to seeing what they can create. The Michigan scene can and will be big. Lots of talent in the Mitten. Let them be the ones to show you proof.

  50. Patrick J Garrett

    Great team of guys - looking forward to seeing what they can create. The Michigan scene can and will be big. Lots of talent in the Mitten. Let them be the ones to show you proof!

  51. Andrew Cotter

    I wanna see this edit

  52. Lucas Vianna

    Would really put Michigan on the map, great way to promote tourism in the Michigan area!

  53. Hunter Arbaugh

    this would be so sweet to be a part of! HELP US OUT

  54. Connor Davis


  55. D Jay Nethercot

    Great idea to further expand the reach of Mitten Media. Fully endorsed!

  56. Aaron Curtis

    Wanna see my bro Mike King make it big!!!!

  57. Adam Kim


  58. Matthew Ryan Grahn

    @ D Jay Nethercot ...... i totally agree man

  59. Lucas Allinger

    Hellla hellaaa dope

  60. Juliette King

    Love supporting crazy kids who want to jump off of things

  61. Noah Schweizer

    Sick idea dude… hope it works out

  62. Ken Achenbach

    Go for it. I can’t wait to see more MIchigan shred.

  63. Emile Viron

    100% endorsed , wee need to support skiing

  64. Lorin Daughton

    Real sick man! Hope this works out!

  65. Cory Flynn

    Dope idea good luck!

  66. Zach Danger Nelson

    Love the coming together of skiers and boarders for this! We’re all in this together!

  67. Daniel Suggs

    Endorsed! Looks dope guys!

  68. John Semeyn

    It will be a sweet project to highlight both Michigan and our stellar talent.

  69. Taylor Norton

    endorsed! good luck.

  70. Shane Thorson

    Shits crazy

  71. Griffin Ramsdell

    Great ideaaaa ya

  72. Andrew Parrish

    Support Skiing! Looks great!

  73. Matt Ruta

    Awesome idea, best of luck!

  74. Matt Swain

    Fantastic Idea! Support Skiing!!!

  75. Jared Sullenberger

    This would be so sweet! Make it happen

  76. Todd Avison

    Grassroots skiing at its best!

  77. Theodore DeVoe

    This would be sick. michigan isn’t a mountainous place like Colorado, Idaho, Utah, and others. But it has some amazing places to ski. It would be awesome to see some pros finally utilize some of it. I am stoked on this idea.

  78. Nyles Strey

    sick idea, urban is too often overlooked in the skiing world

  79. Oliver Kane

    Sick Idea!

  80. Cj Atkinson

    Looks dope! Lets make it happen!

  81. Martin Bil


  82. Danny Harrington

    Cool, it will be great to see some more focus on urban!

  83. Chris Goodhue

    We need more idea like this to grow the sport! make it happen!

  84. Erowynn Maul-Latham

    Get er’ done!!!

  85. Jack Goodwin

    This looks dope.

  86. Allie Walker

    GOOD LUCK!:)

  87. Jake Tarricone

    This is so awesome to see. Helps the world go round.Go skiing!!!!!

  88. Mitch Jensen


  89. Kyle Villeneuve

    Great idea! Sick!

  90. Janis Zulis

    This one wll win

  91. Janis Zulis


  92. Jeremy Anderson


  93. Sam Erickson

    make this happen!

  94. Shane Robert Coopmans

    OO YEAAA this would be sick as everrrrr michigan urban BABYYYY MI REPRESENTTTTT

  95. Jalen Adams

    These men have PASSION for what they do. This passion is necessary to create a successful enterprise. All they need is the opportunity, so provide your endorsement!

  96. Nikki Laarman

    This idea is the ONE!!

  97. Jacob Liberatore

    Very good idea. Let’s make this happen!

  98. Landon Weber

    Well thought out and looks like it’s ready to be done, make it happen.

  99. Cheri Seisser Reagle

    Great idea for local exposure!  Good luck!

  100. Antoine Beaumann

    sick idea, hope you will done it !

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This idea was funded by public endorsement on October 25, 2012.