Virtual Grand Rapids

We want all GR businesses to have virtual reality tours for their customers!

What's the big idea?

We want to cover all Grand Rapids and surrounding areas businesses large and small with VR tours from NJBp360 & Google Business Photos! This will help enhance small biz search results, offer customers a interactive and virtual tour (Tour ) and help drive business to bring GR alive! With all the amazing restaurants, brewery’s, and attractions GR is becoming a destination for people from around the world! Allow them to tour your business from their tablet, smart phone, or desktop! Use the tour and still photos on your Official Website, Facebook and all Google Listings!

Describe the nearest player in your field.

Google has many photographers all over the world doing panoramas for street view and now inside businesses. I want to help local West Michigan businesses and get them online exposure to get people excited about coming to GR and get people investing in the economy. I work with Google, not for them..

How are you different from that player?

There may be a few other people doing this in GR but we want to be THE photographer for West Michigan! Our still photos stand out above the rest and help businesses market themselves and get people excited! While the VR tours offers customers a virtual online experience to explore new businesses.

How does this idea scale into a big business?

Helping all local businesses to get an enhanced search results, and virtual tour for their Google listing, Google Maps, Google Places, Official Website, and social media! Tours can be viewed from All desktops, iPhone and Android Smartphones and Tablets!

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

I have enjoyed photography my entire life, this is an amazing new cutting edge technology that can help businesses tremendously in marketing themselves! Let customers walk through your store or restaurant, office or shop and see what your about!

What is a $5,000 experiment you can do to move your idea forward?

More equipment, more marketing, more networking, better website and assistants! We want to help businesses grow inside and out this can benefit ANY business large or small!

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  1. Neil Braybrook


    Please help us grow and help local Businesses! Please like and share!

  2. Joe Christensen

    oh this is just a really swell idea

  3. Jake Hall

    Really interesting.  So how does this work using Google Software and generation?  Isn’t Google doing this itself so are they a competitor?  As well as companies like,,, etc.

  4. Neil Braybrook


    Google is running the Business Photos Program and there are people in other areas, I want to get Grand Rapids and West Michigan on board as a great way to attract more people to come here and help local businesses.

  5. Jake Hall

    Really Interesting, I could see local Universities such as GVSU, GRCC and the Childrens Hospital wanting something like this to attract students and clients to their facilities.  Good Luck.

  6. Josh Dekker

    This is an awesome idea! Grand Rapids is one of the countries up and coming cities with a lot of focus on introducing everyone to urban culture. I am proud to live near such an awesome city and proud to know such an awesome photographer! If you need any assistance just let me know!

  7. Micki Ackerman

    Can’t wait to have our business done like this!

  8. Neil Braybrook


    Check out a VR Tour of Grand Rapids Brewing Company here!

  9. Neil Braybrook


    Take a tour of the The Mitten Brew Co, old firehouse turned brewery!

  10. Maria Tornga


  11. Matt Hoeksema

    Very nice Neil!

  12. Kate Simons

    You are endorsed! We should talk some time when you are in need of assistants.

  13. Kerry Lynn McAtee Bartley

    Looks great.  Way to go

  14. Matt Saul

    Endorsed.  This takes a lot of skill to do and the samples you gave are superb.

  15. Richard Webb

    Great idea Neil and endorsed.

  16. Neil Braybrook


    Thank you very much for your support! :)

  17. Ronny Scronson


  18. Missy DeHaan Warner

    This is a excellent way to promote local business and the photography is top-notch! Endorsed! Good luck!

  19. Matt Muscat

    how much do businesses pay to get you to come do this?

  20. Daniel Braybrook

    With the winter weather coming soon, this will let you checkout the WHOLE business! from GOOGLE street view to walking in side. Next we’ll have GOOGLE Teleport service by 2020! dlb

  21. Neil Braybrook


    Matt, it really depends on the business and size of the location! I work hard to make clients happy, but its affordable and its a one time free!

  22. Neil Braybrook


    One time fee***

  23. Neil Braybrook


    Take a walk around the Silver Beach Carousel in St. Joseph MI! A beautiful indoor carousel with games and fun for the whole family! Lots of activities and things to do! Outdoor splash pad in the summer, you can even take the Amtrac out for the day as it drops you off right outside!

  24. Gene Culver

    This is just one of those great ideas! #ENDORSED

  25. Neil Braybrook


    Thanks :) Companies I have worked with have really enjoyed it so far! Adds a cool interactive feature for their official website to attract new customers, and you can browse tours on the android or iphone out on the tour, find the next bar or restaurant you want to go to and check it out before you go there!  Brides could check out wedding venues easily from home. The possibilities are endless!

  26. Johnathon Akers

    Awesome, great idea!!!!!!!!

  27. Brian Falther

    Nice work, my initial thought was “this will only fly if it’s like Google maps..”  I tip my hat and endorse.  I think there’s huge opportunity for this, I spent hours “in” the Uffizi gallery through Google art project and I think it’s the first step towards augmented reality.

  28. Neil Braybrook


    Thanks guys! Its a great marketing tool businesses I have helped so far have really enjoyed it! Offers a virtual interactive tool for businesses to get more foot traffic into the store! A few new tours I have completed.
    Take a walk through Daniel A Kruse PC’s beautiful office and schedule your appointment today!
    Check out Rita Girls Boutique Bakery downtown @ 40 Monroe Center in the MoDiv building for some amazing treats! Call in for large orders or for your special events!

  29. Linda Howard

    I originally wasn’t that excited about this, then I saw the pictures. Wow!  I certainly am intrigued about the locations pictured, now I realize what a great idea this really is.  Endorsed, and good luck to you!

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