Vital Sleep Headband

A medical headband that monitors vitals and allows patients to achieve undisturbed, noiseless sleep

What's the big idea?

Anyone who has spent a night in a hospital knows that peaceful sleep is impossible to obtain. Sleep loss slows recovery time. There is a direct correlation between lack of REM cycles and extended hospital stays. The Vital Sleep Headband solves this problem using noise cancelling technology and vital monitoring. Noise cancellation removes unwanted, noisy hospital sounds to help patients fall asleep, and Bluetooth-transmitted real time vital monitoring eliminates the need for nurses to wake patients when checking vital signs at designated nightly intervals, allowing for undisturbed sleep.

Describe the nearest player in your field.

The Hibermate is a sleeping headband that uses thick padded foam to block exterior sound (picture Princess Leia ear pieces). Also, traditional earplugs help block noise. However, there is currently no product that blocks noise and records vitals, allowing for restful, undisturbed sleep.

How are you different from that player?

While the Vital Sleep Headband and the Hibermate are both sleeping headbands, our device is more than a sleep aid. It eliminates BOTH obstacles of sleeping in hospitals: exterior noise and nurses checking vitals. The wireless transmission of vitals will increase operational efficiency in hospitals.

How's the world different with your idea in it?

Patients will no longer struggle to find rest and recovery in hospitals. Deep rejuvenating sleep is a critical aspect of the healing process. Our research has shown if our product is adopted, hospitals, patients and HMOs will all benefit financially from increased patient turnover.

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

We’re a talented pair of students prepared to take our management and engineering talents into the healthcare world.  Years of Prototyping and consultation with numerous mentors stretching between the business and medical fields have empowered to see this product into reality.

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  1. Tanner Mindel

    I love this idea! Very intuitive and well-researched. I can tell you’ve put a lot of time and work into this awesome development! Good luck!

  2. Doyle Lewis

    I really like the idea and think that it is one of the most practical/ innovative things in the competition so far. It is a real solution for a real need. Good job guys. Also a well done video!

  3. David Webster

    Frankly, I’d love to get one for home use. Having a comfortable way of cancelling noise when going to sleep would be SO NICE for a light sleeper like me.

  4. Dale Austin

    Having had family members and friends in the hospital who have been unable to sleep, this would meet a key need of patients. I would invest in one for a family member to help them get a better night’s rest. Great new innovation that would meet an important need.

  5. Zach Neville

    I have spent several nights in a hospital and have always been woken up at night by various things. I have tried ear plugs, but they just dont cut it. They are quite uncomfortable after a while. This product is a great idea and I would love to see it go to the market!

  6. Rick Wielopolski

    Great idea and aesthetically, technically and morally. Could also be used at home….just set the threshold so it doesn’t block out the fire alarm and present a safety issue.

  7. Jon Dodge

    I dont know the experience of staying in a hospital bed first hand, but this idea is so smart and simple.  Great idea!

  8. Mark de Roo

    When a friend, family member, or other person visits someone in a hospital or nursing home, one of topics that invariably comes up is the patient’s or resident’s sleep.  The typical question is, “So, how are you sleeping?”  More often than not, the answers are mixed, at best.  As a result, any device that can assist a person’s quality of sleep is SO beneficial.

  9. Keri McCarthy

    Great idea!  I remember being in the hospital myself and hearing all the noise that goes on all around you.  Can this noise really help in the recovery process!  Great idea!

  10. David Michael Rub

    this is awesome! you guys should go on kickstarter as well, a product like this would do very well in that crowd funding environment. Goodluck!

  11. David W Lowry

    Great idea!  This could be marketed any of a number of ways successfully.  A great start!

  12. Charles Beasley

    Awesome creativity. Can you tweak it to add in some white noise?  I suffer from chronic tinitus (ringing in the ear) it that is annoying as well trying to get a good nights sleep.  Wish you all the success, Chuck Beasley

  13. Jim Cnossen

    Fantastic idea! Significant benefit to the patient, but also productivity advantage to the nursing staff.

  14. Tracy Bolo McMichael

    I LOVE this idea!  It has so many applications, but in and outside the medical field.  I would love this for myself as my spouse can snore pretty loud and it would allow for more consistent nights sleep. 

    This idea is well researched!  Good Luck

  15. Rachel Hatfield

    This idea is fantastic. I wish my mother could have had these when she was recovering from her hip replacement. I think she would have been able to come home less sleep deprived and been able to get back on her feet sooner. This would be very helpful for people receiving medical attention in their homes as well.

  16. Jim Cnossen

    Great Idea!!  Major benefit to the patient, but also provides productivity gain for the nursing staff!

  17. Michael Harris

    How would the product deal with “false alarms”? Even with current hard-wired systems, responding to false alarms is a big productivity drain on nursing staff. With a measuring device embedded in a headband, wouldn’t the rate of false alarms increase?

  18. Scott Brandonisio


    Hi Michael, thank you for the question.
    Vital Sleep’s accuracy and decreased false alarms begin with the careful application of our sleep head band by health care staff.  The heart rate and pulsox monitors are not embedded in the headband but rather maintained by adhesive pads placed directly on the patient’s skin.  These are attached to the vital sleep headband via an (unseen)wire allowing room for patient movement and a comfortable fit.  Leads wired directly to the headband minimizes the chances of becoming unplugged or adhesive leads slipping off and causing false alarms.  Patients are spared the frustration of tangling in wires while attempting to sleep.  Readings are then transmitted wirelessly to nearby monitors.

  19. Nick Rolinski

    Great work Scott.

  20. Brian Glowe

    This is an awesome idea!  I have first hand experience in those horrible shared hospital rooms and this would save many lost hours of sleep.  Best of luck to you with it but I wonder about HIPPA regulations around medical information being transmitted through a wireless bluetooth connection.  Is there a way to protect against the information being intercepted?  Also, there are wristband pulse ox monitors on the market, wouldn’t that be more comfortable than having the wires traveling up your body and past your neck?  Finally, are these headbands for single use or reused for multiple patients?  You have obviously been working on this for some time so I would imagine you have already address these concerns.  I am interested in how you have solved these issues.

  21. Eva M. Vigo

    This is a great idea! Sleep is a vital component for recovery and healing. I hope this product can be supported and funded - the benefits to many could be countless! Nice work Scott!

  22. Eva M. Vigo

    .This is a great idea! Sleep is a vital component for recovery and healing. I hope this product can be supported and funded - the benefits to many could be countless! Nice work Scott!

  23. Brian Parr

    This is a great idea and addresses an important unmet need in the medical field. Good luck!

  24. Lori Leonard

    excellent idea. i fully endorse this!

  25. Marta Olson

    Great concept, Scott!  It certainly fills a need in hospital care.  Good luck!

  26. Mary Jane Barnwell

    I’d like a Vital Headbank Lite, without the sensors, for sleeping on an airplane.

  27. Patricia Bartoszek Krusac

    What a wonderful idea!!

  28. Alan Sharp

    This is an excellent idea. My wife used to work 3rds as a nurse and can testify to how she hated having to wake up patients (to check vitals) who really needed the rest.

  29. JMichael DeAgostino

    I like the idea.  Makes a lot of sense.

  30. Shane Jordan

    Nice video guys.  You took a lot of time to prepare a good presentation.  Endorsed.

  31. Scott DeVries

    You guys have done your homework.  If the technology works, this equipment is nice for patients, but can be a huge $ saver for hospitals.  Endorsed!

  32. Abby Reeg

    Well done Scott!  Once I had to be in the hopital for a week - imagine how many time they had to wake me up!  This will help so many people heal faster. Endorsed!

  33. Jackie Zebracki

    Good job!!!

  34. Chinedu Nchekwube

    Yeah! You got funded! I’m soo happy for you bro!

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This idea was funded by public endorsement on November 08, 2012.