Vival iOS Application

Vival is an application that lets users simply make beautiful montages of important events.

What's the big idea?

Before an event, users set up their montage which includes giving it a title and choosing a song to play. During an event, users record clips of video using their iPhone and then select which montage to upload them to. You don’t need to know how to edit! Vival will automatically stitch those clips together making a beautiful and encapsulating video-montage for you. As users upload more video to a montage, an item will appear on your friends’ in-app news feeds that notifies them of your progress. This way, your friends can see what you see on your vacation as you live it.

Describe the nearest player in your field.

The nearest player in our field (who shares our vision of mobile video) is another iOS application called Viddy. Viddy uses Instagram-like filters over 15 second clips of video that you take with your iOS device, right now its the quickest way to share video- but we plan on changing that.

How are you different from that player?

The way Vival differentiates itself from the competition is through allowing users to create something they may not have previously been able to make. Now, users can make full montages without editing skills. Also, we’ve made “shared memories” where more than one user can contribute to a montage.

How's the world different with your idea in it?

Our goal is to give people the chance to tell their story. Vival can lead to a more appreciative view on life- including the little moments . Hopefully, through seeing the stories of others’ we will grow empathetically and expand our feelings for others.

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

We understand how the online creative video community works, and recognize the desire of most filmmakers to capture life and all of its beauty. We believe we’re giving users the most powerful medium of capturing life, and for those who are new to video, an easy entry point in the creative field.

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  1. Anne Rottman

    Vival is a great idea!  Please support it.

  2. Joshua Kaufman

    great idea, good luck

  3. Freya Rachel


  4. Emily Krinsky

    wonderful idea…..can’t wait to get it.

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This idea was funded by Start Garden staff endorsement on June 28, 2012.