We helps brands connect with the people that write about their products. water-fall.me

What's the big idea?

Waterfall is an asset management and press release distribution platform built on a social networking infastructure that serves the needs of bloggers and publicists. In simpler terms, we connect brands with the people that write about their products.

Describe the nearest player in your field.

To achieve similar results the user would need to use multiple platforms that do not integrate such as PR Newswire (press release distribution), Box (content management) and LinkedIn (professional social networking).

How are you different from that player?

The competitions product is complex, intimidating and caters to traditional press. Waterfall is free and created by bloggers for bloggers. We believe traditional press will be quick to embrace our platform as competitions design and user experience is archaic in comparison.

How's the world different with your idea in it?

Time is money and search is king. We employ simple technology to help publicists and brand marketers save time, increase reach and measure results, and bloggers, filter out the clutter and make room for the valuable press items they seek. #bloggersrule #democratizemedia

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

Traditional media says blogging is not real journalism yet they copy everything bloggers write about… the blogosphere now dictates traditional press. The future is the Long Tail… niche is in and hits are out. The blogopshere drives it all. I get it. I love it. I can monetize it.

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  1. Dante Chua

    Have you heard of payperpost.com ?  It was a promising start-up in 2006.  It got lots of buzz and also funding.  Bloggers were able to earn money by blogging for companies and other start-ups.  PayPerPost.com were able to help some websites rank better in search engines until Google “pulled the plug”  by not indexing the blogs of the payperpost bloggers for Google Page rank.  Google even demanded Payperpost bloggers to explicitly specify “not follow” “robot meta tag” in the blogs that were written through payperpost network…  until payperpost popularity dwindled until it became irrelevant.  This is why Google is the game changer in the web promotion.  I do not want to spoil your hope but sometimes it is better to learn from history as it is cheaper to learn from other’s mistakes or downfall.

  2. Rebecca Brinegar


    Thanks for your feedback! I must have NOT done a good job of explaining the concept because Waterfall has nothing to do with bloggers posting to earn money or increasing website ranking.

  3. Rebecca Brinegar


    Waterfall simply replaces the traditional email press release blast with the basic technology we use everyday. In the 80’s we faxed press release and in the 90’s we moved into email. It’s 2012 and not much has changed on the distribution front yet our assets are now rich and email is not. Every time a publicist asks a blogger to click away to preview and download a media file, they run the risk of drop off – the blogger often get distracted and moves on to another lead. I founded/ran a magazine publishing company and could to believe how much time was being wasted on research. Every morning my writers would waste hours sorting through an inbox full of press releases that often has nothing to do with the market they target. Finding a publicist for a new or emerging artist is very time consuming as well as getting added to a press release blast. Waterfall lets bloggers instantly find exactly what they are looking for. The bloggers can follow the companies, brands, products, staff members, categories and tags that appeal to their readership which lets them filter out the clutter and make room for the valuable press items they seek. As I stated above… to achieve similar results the user would need to use multiple platforms that do not integrate such as PR Newswire, Box and LinkedIn…. again thanks for your feedback!

  4. Dante Chua

    Now,  I understood in some ways your startup have some differences with the earlier version of payperpost.com .  Congratulations that you got selected!  Good Luck!

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