Financial Benefits

Venture capital, banking and philanthropy have traditionally served three separate audiences. When combined in creative ways, they can dramatically lower barriers for new entrepreneurs and open up opportunities for communities to invest.

Business Loans

Start Garden is connected to most of the lenders in our community. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or non-traditional loan, we can get you talking to the right people. 


Michigan’s startup investor community is a close-knit group. If venture capital is the best approach for your company, we can help you find someone to talk to that’s right for your stage.


We believe everyone should have a shot at entrepreneurship, no matter where you were born or went to school. Thankfully, many philanthropies agree with us. We do our best to get no-strings-attached funds into the hands of entrepreneurs who are ready to take their shot.

Access to capital

We move hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in small grants directly to entrepreneurs. Countless hours of work ensure our platforms are a level playing for all. This is why our platforms average 50% women and 50% minority participation. Most importantly, we get no-strings-attached funds into entrepreneurs hands fast. Speed is our specialty.

The Ecosystem Intellectual Benefit Resources

Check out our entrepreneurial support organizations curated and updated from Start Garden’s Startup Space App.