Intellectual Benefits

A region’s intellectual capital focuses on more than just formal institutions. Recognizing this lack of awareness, we work to understand other challenges entrepreneurs face, like access to established business communities or founders who have walked in your shoes and built businesses from the ground up. Start Garden helps entrepreneurs access these tools.


Collaborate with a pool of different talented individuals who choose to do everything from volunteer to work full-time with a startup. 


We intentionally build networks of individuals who move in and out of startups every week so you can find the right talent.


Connect with valuable resources who act as sounding boards to help navigate the murky waters of starting a business.

Business Connections

Successful entrepreneurs, mentors and leaders help close the inequality gap to launch new business ideas. 

Planning Assistance

Start Garden can connect you with resources to help with zoning, legal, IP, regulatory compliance, and more.

Intellectual Benefit Resources

Check out our entrepreneurial support organizations curated and updated in the Start Garden Startup Space app.