Intellectual Benefits

Know what you don’t know


A lot can be learned over a cup of coffee. Our community at 40 Pearl and the Start Garden staff are our most valuable asset and we’re generous with our advice and connections. 


      Finding the kind of talent you need to hire at your startup is best done by getting to know the startups here. And our relationship to Grand Circus coding bootcamp ensures there are always new people looking for experience.


          For 90% of the startups we meet, we know someone they should talk to that’s two steps further down the road from where they are today. Our community is generous when it comes to taking time with entrepreneurs.

                Business Connections

                Often the connection an entrepreneur needs to make to figure out their next step is with someone working inside a big corporation, a vendor specializing in a product or an attorney who likes entrepreneurs. We continually build that list of resources to share.

                  Planning Assistance

                  Our staff and network have a wildly diverse set of experiences. We can’t answer every question, but we can definitely surprise you with some of the questions we can.

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