Social Benefits

Our natural human tendency is to group with those similar to us, but that relational familiarity can become a barrier for those trying to create something new. Start Garden offers a wide social circle with members from all backgrounds in a safe space to build relationships, share ideas and gain new perspectives.


Our robust networks offer many opportunities to connect with other business leaders for advice or an expert ear to run your idea by.

Advice & Coaching

A sounding board is a valuable resource for any entrepreneur navigating the murky waters of starting a business. Find the right advisor for you.


    Start Garden’s platforms like The 100 and 5×5 Night provide opportunities to meet other entrepreneurs who are walking in the same shoes.

      Coworking Space

      Start Garden’s co-working space provides an affordable space to work and makes finding new opportunities more accessible.


      Start Garden events always start with elevating the entrepreneur and opening up pathways to meet new people.

      Ecosystem Networking Resources

      Check out our local organizations providing networking opportunities to meet like-minded entrepreneurs curated and updated on the Start Garden’s Startup Space app.