Can I make it here?

Start Garden gives entrepreneurs access to pitch competitions, maker spaces, kitchen incubators and many other programs to discover new value. With the help of other partners in our region, we can help give entrepreneurs a launching pad for new and existing early startup business ideas. 


The 100

Not everybody is an entrepreneur, but everybody should get to take a shot at becoming one. Start Garden created The 100 with a consortium of banks as a no-strings-attached way to fund business ideas by opening the gate for the entire community knowing that for some, it can be life-changing.

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5×5 Night

5×5 Night is Michigan’s most open pitch competition. Anyone can submit a business idea to be voted on by the public. Our top 5 presenters will then get 5 minutes to pitch 5 slides to 5 guest judges for the chance to win a $5,000 grant. More valuable than the cash, 5×5 Night gives entrepreneurs a platform to move their business ideas forward and be part of a valuable network of like-minded people who can help them grow.

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