I need capital to grow my business. Where do I begin?

Investment begins as a relationship. Start Garden offers a wealth of connections into the entrepreneur community and those who support it. Every startup is different, so we’ll work with you to figure out how best to connect at the stage your in.

Building knowledge and relationships

At each stage, a startup needs new knowledge and relationships. We’ve worked with thousands of entrepreneurs over the years, and we can help you find the networks or  specialized expertise you might need like legal, accounting, intellectual property, technology development and manufacturing.


Finding accelerators and incubators

We think of accelerators as a temporary program to press hard into your idea or new startup. There are accelerators throughout the region targeting certain types of startups. At our incubator, it’s a year-round community of startups and the talented individuals that help them grow. It’s strength is in its diversity. It’s value is the community. Consider joining us today.