Coworking Space

Entrepreneurs thrive on the ability to collaborate and form relationships with like-minded people. Our co-working space makes finding new opportunities and collaborators more accessible. Join us to work, discuss or even launch something new.

Benefits of joining the Start Garden community

Have a dedicated space to work:

Open Office Space

Work from anywhere in the office with our open floor plan filled with tables, couches, booths and conference rooms.

Meeting Rooms

12 Reservable meeting rooms and 5 phone booths for individual video conferencing and calls.

Access to Resources

Enjoy robust wifi service and access to printers, reservable lockers and a dedicated mailbox.

Find Opportunity

Our co-working space at 40 Pearl St. provides an affordable space to work that makes finding new opportunities more accessible.

Build your community:


Our robust networks offer many opportunities to connect with other business leaders for advice or an expert ear to run your idea by.

Advice & Coaching

A sounding board is a valuable resource for any entrepreneur navigating the murky waters of starting a business. Meet with the Start Garden team and we can help you find a trusted professional to work with that gets to understand you and your unique situation.


Start Garden’s platforms like The 100 and 5×5 Night provide opportunities to meet other entrepreneurs who are walking in the same shoes, while also getting a chance to win funds to help get your business idea off the ground.


Start Garden events always start with elevating the entrepreneur and opening up pathways to meet new people.

Become a Member

Join our robust community and find your safe place to work, play and grow.

Gain no-strings-attached access to capital:

Business Loans

Start Garden is connected to most of the lenders in our community. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or non-traditional loan, we can get you talking to the right people.


Michigan’s startup investor community is a close-knit group. If venture capital is the best approach for your company, we can help you find someone to talk to who’s right for your stage.


We believe everyone should have a shot at entrepreneurship, no matter where they were born or went to school. Thankfully, many philanthropists agree with us. We do our best to get no-strings-attached funds into the hands of entrepreneurs who are ready to take their shot.

Access to Capital

We move hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in small grants directly to entrepreneurs. Countless hours of work ensure our programs are a level playing field for all. This is why our platforms average 50% women and 50% minority participation. Most importantly, we get no-strings-attached funds into entrepreneurs’ hands fast.

Get access to the people and tools that help you grow:


A lot can be learned over a cup of coffee. Our community at 40 Pearl and the Start Garden staff are our most valuable asset and we’re generous with our advice and connections. Collaborate with a pool of talented individuals who choose to do everything from volunteer to work full-time with a startup.

Find Talent

Finding the kind of talent you need to hire at your startup is best done by getting to know the startups here. Our relationship with Grand Circus coding bootcamp ensures there are always new people looking for experience. We intentionally build networks of individuals who move in and out of startups every week so you can find the right talent.

Get Advice

For 90% of the startups we meet, we know someone they should talk to that’s two steps further down the road from where they are today. Our community is generous when it comes to taking time with entrepreneurs. Connect with valuable resources who act as sounding boards to help navigate entrepreneurship.

Build Business Connections

Often the connection an entrepreneur needs to make to figure out their next step is with someone working inside a big corporation, a vendor specializing in a product or an attorney who likes entrepreneurs. We continually build that list of resources to share to help close the inequality gap to launch new business ideas.

Get Planning Assistance

Start Garden can connect you with resources to help with zoning, legal, IP, regulatory compliance and more.

Become a Member

Join our robust community and find your safe place to work, play and grow