Create an ecosystem that helps ideas become businesses.

Create an ecosystem that helps ideas become businesses.

A hundred years ago, who could have accurately described how the automobile or the light bulb would radically change economies all over the world?


But if you wanted to tinker on those innovations, the United States was the place to do it.

That’s what we want to get back to.

Turning Michigan into an ecosystem that’s the best place to have an idea and get running with.

An ecosystem where a thousand ideas can get started, knowing that a few will adapt and become those innovations we’re looking for.

Cultural change comes from a lot of people doing small things in the same direction.

To create a catalyst for this ecosystem, we took a venture capital fund and redesigned it by asking questions like…

How might we invest in over a hundred ideas a year and remove the anxiety and debate over what to invest in? Which led to The Ideas

How might we discover people who can become great entrepreneurs by seeing their actions, not their sales pitch? Which led to The Fund

How might an entire city become a mentor for new projects? Which led to The Space

How might we provide knowledge, skills and collaborators at the moment they're needed? Which led to The Events

We created Start Garden as a platform for a lot of ideas to start moving forward. From those, some turn into projects. From those projects, some turn into a startup businesses. From those small businesses, some grow into big businesses. It's about focusing on the next step, and not despising the small ones.

Cultural shifts may look like giant leaps in retrospect, but they're really just thousands of small steps. So, take a step.