A Village for Entrepreneurs

Our Version of an "Incubator"

The fact is that startups are not built within garages. They’re built within a robust web of relationships.

Due to COVID-19, much has changed for the traditional startup incubator space. However, we've adapted to do more virtually and allow you to work at 40 Pearl safely, both as an infdividual and with your small team.

In short, a startup needs a village. For Grand Rapids and the surrounding region, the village’s address is 40 Pearl St.

Contact with any questions or to schedule a tour.

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Levels & Amenities

Type Access Amenities Price
5-Visit Punch Card M - F 9:00AM - 5:00PM Limited Amenities $50
Drop-in Membership M - F 9:00AM - 5:00PM See Below $150
24/7 Access Drop-in* 24/7 24/7 Access to 40 Pearl $200

*Due to COVID-19, all work spaces temporarily are individual drop-in work stations available on first come, first serve basis.

Every work station and conference area is sanitized after each use.


All Memberships Include

*Some ammenities are excluded from 5 Visit Punch Card Membership