A Village for Entrepreneurs

Our Version of an "Incubator"

The fact is that startups are not built within garages. They’re built within a robust web of relationships.

Fledgling entrepreneurs often underestimate the danger of isolation. Decisions that seem financially responsible can make it harder to make new connections and start vital relationships. That’s why Start Garden built a physical location for a startup neighborhood.

The companies that are located within Start Garden do not have to be part of the venture capital portfolio. 40 Pearl is for startups that are fundraising, or will be in the future, to introduce them to a broad spectrum of investors and seasoned entrepreneurs from outside our walls. Within our walls, there is an exchange of knowledge and relationships among startups.

In short, a startup needs a village. For Grand Rapids and the surrounding region, the village’s address is 40 Pearl St.

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5-Visit Punch Card M - F 9:00AM - 5:00PM Limited Amenities $50
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